The community known as Dorchester had its beginning in 1997 when its first residents moved in.  The final phase ended in 1999 with the completion of its 117th home.  In the interim period, Dorchester at Carillon Homeowners' Association was initially established with the recording of a Declaration of Covenants and By-Laws on September 17, 1996.  Both these documents were updated during 2010.  Voting members constitutes one vote for each dwelling in which the voting member resides.   As mandated by the recorded Bylaws that are subject to the provisions of the recorded Declarations, the Association is responsible for any maintenance, repairs, alterations, additions, improvements or replacement of the Community Area and portions of lots for which the Association is responsible.


Dorchester is a community of 117 stand-alone homes. Residents own their property (lots).  Improvements can be made subject to architectural approval.

Dorchester continues to extend a warm welcome to each new neighbor.  This is what makes Dorchester so special.  This spirit of community was established at its first Association meeting in September 1997 and continues today.  Dorchester is an active community of friendly, solicitous neighbors who work and contribute to the common good.  As needed our residents extend themselves, their talents and leadership.

Dorchester continues to be a dynamic, inclusive, well rounded, caring community by involving our residents in the decision-making process and listening to their concerns and ideas.  To keep them fully informed of Board decisions affecting them a newsletter, Dorchester Digest, is published.

The community mission continues to:

• Promote a positive community atmosphere
• Encourage activities that foster the building of interactive relationships
• Demonstrate concern for our neighbors
• Maintain and enhance the aesthetic appearance of our community
• Engage in activities that promote a better life in Carillon


The purpose of the Dorchester Association is to act on behalf of its members to preserve, care, maintain, replace, improve and enhance both real and personal property for the promotion of health, safety and welfare for the common use and enjoyment of Dorchester residents.

These goals are accomplished through the employment of a property manager that works with the elected Board of Directors consisting of five resident voting members.  Members of the Board elect officers of the Association who are assigned specific areas of responsibility. Each Director chairs a committee as established by the Board, members of which are residents and approved by the Board.  Currently the committees are Architectural, Finance, Grounds, Landscaping and Social.  The Directors of these committees and their memberships act as liaisons with the Board.

Capital reserve studies have been done.  These studies project conditions of capital items like streets, sidewalks, curbs and driveways as well as current and future cost of repairs or replacements of community property.  Maintenance of these items preserves the property values in Dorchester.  The reserve study allows us to maintain a capital reserve fund to cover these future costs.


In addition to all the activities available through the Carillon Adult Master Association (CAMA), Dorchester has many social activities for their residents to enjoy.  For example men's golf, couples' golf, men's and women's breakfasts, ladies luncheons, annual Christmas Party, annual Social Committee summer party, couples pinochle and bridge, poker groups, several ladies' card get-togethers, billiards, bocce and shuffleboard.

Following are a few comments from residents who are very happy they chose Dorchester.

"Dorchester is a close-knit community.  Because this is an over 55 community, we are at the same stage in our lives, have a lot in common and we joke about 'old age'.  Our neighbors are like family and a great support group in time of need.  After almost sixteen years, we can say it is the best decision we have every made.  We love it here."
-Gene and Shirley Mrozinski

"Being a female who loves to fish, I found living in Dorchester gives me the opportunity to enjoy hours of fishing alone just knowing I can walk less than a block to fish in our own privately stocked pond.  I've never felt so safe fishing and having as much fun reeling in those great big bass.  Bill, being a long time golfer, enjoys the men's golf league as well as the men's monthly breakfast and pool tournaments.  Bocce and shuffleboard competition is also available for the men and women of Dorchester.  Our couples' golf group plays every other week in the summer months and dinner follows.  Dorchester has provided us with many friendships we have been unable to achieve in any of our prior residential communities.  We feel very lucky to have selected Dorchester for our home."
-Bill and Geri Grace

"Our search for our retirement home kept bringing us back to Carillon with all of its amenities, and ultimately Dorchester.  Building our home in Dorchester was one of the best decisions we ever made.  We have been extremely happy here in this close knit and caring community."
-Vic and Sandee Bialczak

"Alan and I moved into Dorchester in May, 2012. We actually chose Carillon because of its close access to the expressway, its reasonable assessment fees and larger room sizes than other 55 and older communities in the area.  We LOVE Dorchester for so many reasons.  From the very first day all the neighbors have made us feel so welcome.  We received a fruit basket, wine and so many people stopped by to introduce themselves we were overwhelmed with friendly faces and warm introductions.  We have become very active with all of the activities in Dorchester and feel as though we have been here for years instead of months.  Our back yard is on the pond so Alan enjoys fishing almost every evening after dinner.  The grandchildren beg to come out to either go fishing or have fun at the satellite pool.  We are so glad we 'down sized' and chose Dorchester in Carillon."
-Alan and Linda Brif

"It was not long after moving to Dorchester, fifteen years ago, my husband and I realized our search for a retirement community was over.  Unfortunately a few years ago my husband became ill with an incurable health problem.  During this time and his passing, it was then I realized, as we did when first moving to Dorchester, how caring Dorchester residents are.  When asked if I was thinking of moving, I answer that I am where I want to be.  Dorchester residents have become my family."
-Carol Davis

"We moved to Carillon because we were able to purchase more house for our money compared to other 55+ communities.  Also the location is great with easy access to I-55.  The clubhouse and activity programs are superior.  We love the beauty of the golf course and the landscaping of Carillon in general.  We moved into Dorchester 3 years ago and love the neighborhood and have great neighbors who look out for each other."
-Al and Mary Bosco


Burton – Two Bedrooms

Camelback – Two or Three Bedrooms

Cartier – Two Bedrooms

Greenbriar – Two or Three Bedrooms

Magellan – Three Bedrooms +

Palm Springs – Three Bedrooms +

Sun Valley – Three Bedrooms +

Tanterra – Two or Three Bedrooms +