Carillon Frequently Asked Questions


How many homes are in Carillon?
There are 2,097 homes in Carillon comprised of both attached housing and single-family residences.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are welcome in Carillon but there are size restrictions. The general rule is 25 pounds or less. Careful attention must be made in cleaning up after pet walking. Contact your Association for more information.

Can guests use the facilities?
Guests over 18 are welcome to use the Carillon facilities if they are supervised by a Carillon resident. Younger guests are welcome to enjoy the satellite pool in the summer if they are supervised.

Can residents golf free at the Links Golf Course?
The Links at Carillon is not owned by Carillon but welcomes all residents to partake in the beautiful golf course. You need to pay the appropriate green fees, but you can use your own golf cart if you'd like.

What are the Security provisions?

The North Gate is staffed by security personnel 24/7. The South Gate is monitored 24/7 by the North Gate guards, whereby your guests can always enter via the South Gate. Carillon is a gated community where resident safety is paramount. Guests are always welcome to visit. Residents utilize a list of authorized visitors and also may notify the North Gate of arriving guests on a per incident basis. Carillon outsources a private security firm who provides continuous neighborhood patrols.

How can I view homes for sale in Carillon?
Contact a local Real Estate Agent of your choice for a listing of available homes and visitation to any that interest you. Additionally, you can schedule a visit to tour Carillon and see the neighborhoods and the Carillon facilities with one of our Resident Ambassadors by calling the Carillon office.
Can children live in Carillon?
Family members 18 years of age and older can live with parents or guardians in Carillon. Younger guests are welcome for visitation and can stay up to two consecutive weeks.

How much are the Association fees?
Association fee for the main association, CAMA, is $116.01 per month. This is to maintain the common areas in Carillon and the community facilities. There are 16 Neighborhoods within Carillon, and each will have a separate association fee. The fees vary and are largely dependent on whether you have a single-family residence or live in attached housing.

What kind of activities are offered?
Indoor & Outdoor activities are numerous and diverse in Carillon. We can easily say there is something for everyone. Check out the Carillon website under the “Activities” tab to get a partial list. You can be as active or laid back as you wish in our community.

Are Motor Homes or Campers allowed in Carillon?
Overnight parking is not allowed on the neighborhood streets in Carillon.

Is snow removal and lawn maintenance provided?
Each neighborhood association contracts with outside firms for lawn care and snow removal. Fees for these services may be included in your monthly neighborhood association fees (depending in which of the 16 neighborhoods you live in), or you may be billed individually for these services.