Meet Your CAMA Office Personnel

Listed below are the salaried employees of the CAMA office. CAMA is an abbreviation for Carillon Adult Master Association.

Property Manager, Mariann Kosek


She is instrumental in working with the Board of Directors, the Committee Chairpersons and in monitoring community projects.  She is our resource person and develops and prepares the agendas for CAMA and all Standing committees including, Finance, Building & Grounds, and Security.

Mariann can be reached at

Pauline Saldana

Pauline Saldana communicates with prospective new residents, realtors and attorneys to insure all necessary paper work has been submitted for closing. Pauline also organizes the monthly Talk of the Town articles and monthly CAMA Corner informing residents of the most recent information for the community. She is also responsible for
accounts payable, coding, payroll, assisting the Property Manager and communicates with Residents on a daily basis. 

Pauline can be reached at

Karen Scofield

Just like the rest of the CAMA staff, Karen has a vast variety of responsibilities. A short snapshot of some her work includes scheduling the room requests for our clubs, social events, and parties. If you have any issues with assessment accounting issues, she is the person to help you. Karen manages and procures the advertising for Carillon vendors in the Talk of The Town where residents can find help for a variety of needs.

Karen can be reached at


Bernadine Jurewicz

Bernadine schedules great day trips for our residents. She works very hard researching appropriate outings that will be fun and interesting. She also assists with the variety of tasks associated with property closings.

Bernadine can be reached at

Harry Tiege

Harry keeps the community common areas and clubhouse in good condition for Carillon and he is certified in pool maintenance. Harry procures bids from vendors for projects and also oversees the vendors working in our community to ensure the work is done correctly. Additionally, Harry also sets up the theater for all events which is a time consuming task.


CJ Angeloni

CJ has been a wonderful asset in assisting with all the day to day projects in the community to keep everything working well and is also certified in pool maintenance. CJ also assists with setting up the theater for all events.