The Woodshop is available from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm -  Monday through Friday. Women's hours are Wednesday in the afternoon to encourage use by all residents, but both women and men use the facility whenever it is open. There is a large array of equipment. A Woodshop monitor is on-site any time the Woodshop is open to help with equipment and training. For safety, at least two people must be on-site before equipment is operated.



There is a one-time $25 fee (good for life) for membership. This entitles members to use the Woodshop. The fee covers expendables such as sandpaper, varnish and tool sharpening. Members provide the material they will use as the medium such as wood or fiberboard. Members also provide any hardware such as hinges or handles that will be used on the finished work. Materials can be purchased at various locations and brought in. 


Plenty of expertise when you need help.


Expertise is available beyond the limits of woodworking. Experts are available in other fields such as electricity to help with wiring and other factors in your project to safely and effectively create a lamp or other electrical device.

Woodshop members may help with repairs for furniture and other wood products for the clubhouse or for residents or a family member or friend.

The Woodshop is used by many members to prepare items for sale at the Annual Carillon Craft Show or other craft shows they might choose to use. Others beautify their homes or create gifts for friends and relatives.

Members learn a lot of things about woods and woodworking they might not have known otherwise.

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