Canterbury East


Canterbury East is the first of Carillon’s communities you see when you are traveling south on Weber Road from I-55.  You will first view our white fence located by a pond. Our residents began moving into their homes in 2000.  We have 96 units, which include fourteen six-unit residences, one four-unit residence and four duplex residences.  Ten of our units have basements.

As you enter Carillon through the North gate, you will notice the Canterbury East entranceway sign on the right. The Entranceway is maintained by several of our residents and is decorated for the seasons and holidays.  Turn right at our sign and you will be entering the Canterbury East community.


Canterbury East is managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA) comprised of residents who are elected to the HOA Board.  Our professional property management company is Foster‑Premier.  The Board members have the responsibility to set realistic and appropriate budget items i.e. Landscaping, snow removal, insurance for the building exteriors, pond maintenance, waste management, maintenance of driveways, streets, building exteriors and property management fees.

The members of the Canterbury East Board work diligently to comply with the Declaration, By‑Laws and the Community Rules and Regulations. HOA Meetings are held in the Club Carillon Theater on the second Thursday of February, April, June, August and October, at 7pm.  At the end of our meetings, we have a “coffee and” session.


There are functions planned by our Activity Committee, often in conjunction with other associations.  We sponsor Shuffleboard and Bocce Ball teams. The Club House has a multitude of activities for the interested individual such as the Chorus, Theater Guild, group card games, tennis, Fitness Room, table tennis and many more.

All in all, you will be welcomed to the Canterbury East Community.  Our friendly residents will be glad to share a recipe or talk about gardening.



Six-unit Residences:

Scottsdale – Two/Three Bedrooms 

Laguna – Two Bedrooms 

Carmel – Two/Three Bedrooms

Four-unit or Duplex Residences:

Augusta – Two Bedrooms

Turnberry – Two Bedrooms

Cypress Point – Two Bedrooms

Pebble Beach – Two Bedrooms